Sulfation is the accumulation of hard lead sulfate crystals, and the main reason for capacity and efficiency loss in lead-acid batteries. Sulfate crystals can develop rapidly and cannot be broken down by charging alone. Over time, sulfate crystals rob capacity from the battery. This causes the battery to lose its ability to fully charge, requiring more frequent charging. It also shortens the run time of the equipment and raises labor costs. As sulfation increases, so does the need to replace batteries. Desulfate to reduce costs and give batteries a second life.


Battery Management

The Xtender Battery Regenerator is designed to be an all-in-one machine for discharging, desulfating and recharging all types of lead-acid batteries. The Xtender uses a high frequency pulsation process to break down lead sulfate crystals. It is a fully automated machine; safely discharging, desulfating and restoring batteries in less than 48 hours. Free diagnostic software is included, which allows for downloading detailed battery regeneration reports and monitoring progress remotely via Bluetooth. Incorporate a Battery Monitoring System (BMS) to wirelessly provide accurate data on the health of individual battery cells. FSIP also offers a training and demonstration program either onsite or via a live web conference. Watch the video to learn more!