Prolong Battery Life
and Achieve
Maximum Runtime

A battery’s performance is only as good as its charger. When paired correctly, a quality battery charger will prolong battery life and provide maximum run time*. Deciding which charger to buy for your application can be a challenging decision. There are many variables to consider, such as:

  • Vehicle type i.e., industrial vs golf car
  • Power Source
  • Battery Type (Lead-Acid – Flooded, AGM, Gel or Lithium-Ion)
  • Battery Size (Voltage & Amperage)
  • Connectors and Accessories
Battery Chargers for Golf Cars, Utility Vehicles, and Industrial Electric Vehicles

We Have the Solutions

Flight Systems Industrial Products offers an extensive battery charger line-up, both new and remanufactured, on-board or off-board, for lead-acid (flooded, AGM, gel traction) or lithium in a range of voltages & amps for electric vehicles like:

  • Forklifts
  • Golf cars
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Mining cars
  • Aerial lifts
  • Ground support equipment
  • Sweeper-Scrubbers
  • AGVs/AMRs
GREEN Series

GREEN Series
Industrial Chargers

The GREEN Series are high-frequency, fully automatic industrial battery chargers. Available in either single or three-phase power supplies, are programmable for lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries and have high energy efficiency. Ideal for forklifts, pallet jacks, sweeper-scrubbers, Go-Karts, and more.

ChargePlus 48 and 72

Off-Board Charger

The ChargePlus is a universal, high frequency, portable lead-acid or lithium-ion battery charger perfect for golf cars, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, floor care equipment, and more. The standard ChargePlus is adjustable from 12 to 48-Volts and the ChargePlus 72 between 60 and 72-Volts.

ChargePlus FLEX


Explore FSIP's exclusive ChargePlus FLEX! This high-energy efficiency off-board battery charger offers programmable voltage (12, 24, 36, or 48V), selectable charging profiles, and the ability to start a cycle at just 2 volts with automatic float mode. Elevate your charging experience.

Delta Q Product Line


Our Delta-Q line-up of high-frequency on- and offboard replacement chargers for use with either lead-acid or lithium batteries have custom-matched charging algorithms to help extend battery life. The Delta-Q's feature easy system integrations with CAN bus communication.

Delta Q Product Line


Introducing TORO720W: a on/off-board charger for lead-acid and lithium batteries. With 720W power, IP66 protection, and seamless Bluetooth integration, it delivers efficient and user-friendly charging. The TORO720W comes with more power than most chargers in its size and includes a DC cable.

Delta Q Product Line

1kW Wireless

Introducing the 1 kW Wireless Charging System: a contactless, efficient battery charger for lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. With CAN bus control, it's perfect for AGVs, AMRs, utility vehicles, forklifts, and more. Lightweight, compact, and reliable, it transforms charging for various vehicles.

We're Here To Help

Batteries and their chargers have a symbiotic relationship. You must use the correct charger for the battery. Based upon your criteria, we can make recommendations to best suit your situation. Contact us at 800-333-1194 or email

FSIP has the right battery charger for your application.

*Lead Acid batteries require additional maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Check out our assortment of battery watering monitors and watering devices.