ChargePlus FLEX
Universal Battery Charger

FSIP Exclusive! ChargePlus FLEX is a universal, high-frequency, off-board battery charger that provides greater than 90% high-energy efficiency. The ChargePlus FLEX features programmable voltage (12, 24, 36, or 48 V), current, and selectable charging profile via touch keypad. It can start a charging cycle as low as 2-volts, features an automatic float mode, and sports an easy-to-read LCD display. The ChargePlus FLEX is the perfect portable solution for charging your lead-acid batteries.

ChargePlus Universal Battery Charger

The FLEXible Difference

Remanufactured Parts

FLEXible Design

The ChargePlus FLEX battery charger lives up to its name. Its press button front panel makes switching between charging curves, voltages, and current combinations easy. Each ChargePlus FLEX ships with a 5-foot DC connection (pigtail) ending in a SB50 connector. If you need a different connector, the ChargePlus FLEX can be paired with a wide assortment of pigtails. Pigtails are available for individual purchase.

Rebuilt Exchange

Energy Efficient

ChargePlus FLEX helps maximize runtime in small to midsize electric vehicles with 12-48 V lead-acid batteries. The ChargePlus FLEX boasts greater than 90% high-energy efficiency, a charge cycle that starts as low as 2-volts, and automatic float mode. The ChargePlus FLEX allows you revive deeply discharged lead-acid batteries and maintain a full charge condition without boiling over electrolytes or overcharging the battery.

Industrial Battery Chargers


The ChargePlus FLEX‘s lightweight portable design with integrated carry handle can be taken almost anywhere for use on your shop floor or for off-site maintenance charging. Conversely, it can be wall mounted for easy storage or single location usage. The ChargePlus FLEX is ideal to stock mobile fleet service vehicles with its variable voltage and current options. The ChargePlus FLEX is perfect for motive power applications.

Easy to Read LCD Display

Easy to read, easy to interpret digital display. LED indicators with status screen for quick charge cycle monitor and status. The LCD display of the battery charger displays the battery voltage before starting the charge, then displays the current value (A), the voltage (V), recharged capacity (C) and time elapsed from the start (t).

ChargePlus Digital Display

ChargePlus FLEX

The ChargePlus FLEX is a universal, high frequency, off-board replacement charger programmable for lead-acid (flooded, gel or AGM) batteries and is designed to optimize battery capacity and overall battery longevity. The ChargePlus FLEX is perfect for light-duty equipment such as pallet jacks, scissor lifts, floor care equipment and more! Choose from a selection of adapter cables as well as popular Anderson SB connectors.

ChargePlus FLEX Technical Drawing ChargePlus FLEX Product Shot
Voltage Amp Range Lead-Acid AGM GEL
12 V 15–30 A
24 V 15–30 A
36 V 15–25 A
48 V 15–20 A

Fully Customizable

Popular Features

ChargePlus FLEX high-frequency, off-board battery charger is feature-heavy in a compact, portable design.

  • For 12-48 V lead-acid batteries
  • >90% high-energy efficiency
  • Charge cycle starts as low as 2-volts
  • Front panel programmable voltage, amperage, and charging curve
  • 11 pre-programmed charging profiles included
  • Automatic float mode
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Convenient 12 lbs. portable design with carry handle (or may be wall mounted)
  • 5-foot cable from charger to stock SB50 DC Connector*

*May be paired with a wide variety of pigtails/connectors. Available separately.