FSIP has forged strategic partnerships with Curtis Instruments, Inmotion Technologies, Navitas Vehicle Systems, Sevcon/BorgWarner, and S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale. FSIP also partners directly with top vehicle OEMs, providing exclusive dealer programs for aftermarket parts. Some relationships have extended over 30 years, including Hyster-Yale Group, Yamaha Golf Car, and Crown Lift Trucks.

Inmotion Product Line - Controllers and Motors

Exclusive Remanufacturer

FSIP and Inmotion announce an aftermarket service agreement for Inmotion's drives and controls. In this agreement, FSIP is named the exclusive North American remanufacturer of Inmotion drives and controls and offers customers the latest upgrades to both the hardware and software of the controls.

Delta Q Product Line

Certified Service Center

For more than three decades, FSIP has remanufactured Curtis products. In 2005, FSIP became a Certified Service Center in 2005. This accreditation allows us to repair and remanufacture out-of-warranty Curtis controllers, restoring them to meet or exceed factory specifications and standards.

Delta Q Product Line

Certified Remanufacturer

FSIP signs a remanufacturing agreement for S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale, an Italian company that specializes in battery chargers. This agreement named FSIP the exclusive North American remanufacturer and arranged for us to distribute new products manufactured by S.P.E.

Remanufacturer and manufacturer for General Electric (GE)

General Electric
Manufacturer & Remanufacturer

In 1998, FSIP and General Electric formed an alliance to become the largest and most diverse remanufacturer of electric controls for a variety of vehicles. Twelve years after the alliance, GE decided to exit the industry allowing FSIP to purchase all commercial and manufacturing vehicle electronic assets from GE.

Navitas Remanufactured Controls

Certified Reman Controls

FSIP and Navitas Vehicle Systems establish a collaboration for aftermarket services, designating FSIP as the certified remanufacturer for Navitas electric vehicle controls. This allows us to upgrade the controls to the latest revisions/specifications and conduct load tests, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Authorized Sevcon Remanufacturer

Authorized Remanufacturer

FSIP has been remanufacturing Sevcon (now BorgWarner) controllers since the early 1990s. In 2012, Sevcon established FSIP as a Sevcon Certified Service Center. This certification granted us the authority to remanufacture and repair, to the highest standards, out-of-warranty controllers for aftermarket Sevcon customers.

Aftermarket Parts Program

FSIP works directly with vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide different makes and models of aftermarket parts in a program with their respective OEM dealer networks. We have long standing relationships (some over 30 years) with OEMs like Hyster-Yale Group, Yamaha Golf Car, and Crown Lift Trucks.

Yamaha Golf Car

Yamaha Golf Car
Aftermarket Program

Since 2018, FSIP’s aftermarket alliance with Yamaha Golf Car has grown, allowing FSIP to provide various vehicle make and model aftermarket parts directly to their exclusive OEM dealer networks demonstrating our commitment to top notch support and solutions.

Hyster-Yale Group

Hyster-Yale Group
Aftermarket Program

For nearly three decades, FSIP has had an aftermarket alliance with Hyster-Yale Group. This longstanding partnership allows FSIP to collaborate directly with Hyster-Yale, delivering a wide array of aftermarket parts for various makes and models to their OEM dealer networks.