Xtender M1007
Battery Regenerator

(Three-Phase, 208–240 V or 480 V)
An all-in-one discharging, desulfating and recharging unit for lead-acid batteries. The Xtender breaks down lead sulfate crystals using a high frequency patented Shark Pulse technology to restore lost battery capacity. It's fully automatic with either touchscreen or remote programming. The Xtender works unattended with no equipment transfers mid process and has remote monitoring for anytime status updates.

Xtender M1007 Battery Regenerator unit

M1007 Features & Benefits

The Xtender M1007 is perfect for forklifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts,
sweeper-scrubbers, and more. See what our customers are saying!


  • All-in-one automatic charger/cycler/discharger
  • For flooded lead-acid, AGM & gel traction batteries
  • Restorations from 2–96 V charge
  • Individual battery analysis
  • Remote control & monitor system
  • Patented restorative Shark Pulse technology
  • Customizable detailed battery capacity reports
  • Customizable cycles
  • Touchscreen programming


  • Increase battery lifespan/run-time
  • Minimize battery replacement costs
  • Detailed reports to verify battery capacity gains
  • No acid adjustment required
  • Easy to use and operate

Xtender may be purchased individually or as a custom package. It may be partnered with the Battery Monitoring System (BMS) or the Smart Discharger or both.
Rental and financing options available.