Battery Charger

The TORO720W is a high-frequency, high-efficiency, sealed on/off board charger. The TORO720W works with lead-acid and lithium batteries. It provides 720 W of power and has a protection rating of IP66. The TORO720W is easy to install with any connection and easy to use with Bluetooth app integrations.

TORO720W High-Frequency On/Off Board Charger


Powerful Design

The TORO720W battery chargers are lightweight and compact for both on- and offboard charging. The TORO720W provides more power than other chargers of its size with up to 720 W and it includes a DC cable.


Popular Features

The TORO720W battery charger comes with many desirable features in a compact package.

  • Lead-acid (flooded/wet, gel, and agm) and lithium batteries
  • High-frequency/high-efficiency (greater than 92%)
  • CAN bus communication (lithium ready)
  • Includes Bluetooth technology
  • Reverse polarity and charge timeout protection as well as OTP/OCP/OVP
  • Multicolor LED indicator for faults and charging status
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Lightweight and portable

TORO720W Specs

GREEN2 Single-Phase Industrial Battery Charger Technical Drawing GREEN2 Single-Phase Industrial Battery Charger Product Shot

The TORO720W battery charger comes in both 24 and 48 output voltages for both lead-acid (flooded/wet, gel or AGM) and lithium-ion batteries for light-duty electric vehicles. The TORO720W comes with more power than most chargers in its size and includes a DC cable.

TORO720W DIMs: 10.51” x 7.44” x 3.18” Wt.: 9 lbs.
Model AC Input DC Output Voltage DC Output Current DC Output Power
24-TORO720-2430 Universal 100–240 VAC 24 V 30 A 720 W
24-TORO720-4815 Universal 100–240 VAC 48 V 15 A 720 W
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Easy To Use

Bluetooth APP Technology

TORO720W can be completely controlled by a Bluetooth app (for Android and Apple).

  • Set charger parameters
  • Select charging curves (11 available profiles)
  • Download charging cycles (85 cycles available)
  • Show graphs of the charging phases
  • Detailed reports