Core Purchasing 

Looking to make a little extra cash? Time to clean off your shelves? FSIP will purchase your rebuildable cores. If the core is damaged beyond repair, then partial credit may be given. To find out how much money is sitting in your shop, complete the Core Purchase Sheet and send it to FSIP using any of the following methods:


Fax: 1-800-333-9194 or 717-254-3777 Attn: Core Purchase


Helpful Hints for a Quick Quote:

  1. Use the controller part number, not the serial number, on your quote form. If you are unsure of the part number, please provide as many numbers as possible from the controller.
  2. Using the Core Purchase Sheet helps keep your core quote organized, making it easier for FSIP to give you a prompt turnaround. 
  3. FSIP can credit your account or mail you a check for core purchases.
  4. Shipping credit may be given for high demand cores.


Learn more about the Core Purchase Program here.