General Electric (GE) Original Controls & Parts

General Electric and FSIP formed an alliance in 1998 to become the largest and most diverse remanufacturer of electric controls for electric vehicle applications like forklifts, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), golf carts, walkies, tuggers, go-carts, and personnel carriers in the United States. The GE Electric Vehicle Controls Servicenter brought together over 70 years of combined experience and technology under one roof. The General Electric and Flight Systems Industrial Products joint venture lasted for 12 years. Upon GE’s decision to exit the category, FSIP entered into an agreement to purchase all the commercial and manufacturing vehicle electronic assets from GE Motion Control business. On March 1, 2010, the acquisition was completed. Today, FSIP manufactures, remanufactures, and warranties GE vehicle controls and parts to the same level of quality and service as the market expects.

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GE Partnership