Executive Management Team

With over 231 combined years of industry knowledge and business expertise, FSIP's management team leads the company's mission. Meet our executive management and sales, human resources, engineering, operations, production, and quality department managers that take the helm every day with a commitment to provide the best products and services in the electric vehicle industry.

Luc Rasschaert
Global Director Electronics

Eric Burkhart
Director of Operations

Ben Richwine
Director Of Sales

Dustin England
Director of Engineering

Chris "CJ" Williams
Operations Manager

Angele Sedra-Scotland

Management Team

Eric Cowan
Production Manager

Steve Lloyd
Compliance & Quality Manager

Michelle Butler
Branch Manager Addison

Leah Mellott
HR Manager

Dustin Love
Business Development Manager

Ben Ault
Territory Sales Manager

Tom Wolf
Remanufacturing Manager

Matt Paulus
Planning & Sourcing Lead

Liz Nickey
Sales Support Manager