Maintain Stable Current

SMART Discharging

Constant controlled current automatically holds the current stable as the voltage falls throughout the discharging process.

SMART Discharger

The Smart Discharger is designed to automatically provide a graphical analysis of a battery’s remaining capacity. This unit discharges batteries at a controlled current of up to 200 amps on 12–96 volt battery packs. Pair the Smart Discharger with the Battery Monitoring System for a simplified setup process and automatic transfer of discharge data to your PC.

SMART Discharger automated reports SMART Discharger
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Smart Discharger DIMs: 16” x 16” x 37” Wt.: 143 lbs.
Model Input Voltage Max Input Current Output Voltage Load Capacity Max Amp Hour Rating
93-D1007-200 120 VAC, Single-Phase 115 VAC 15 A 10–110 VDC 0–200 A 1200 Ah C6

Safeguarding Our Environment

Lithium Battery Disposal

With the increasing prominence of lithium batteries in the industry, it's crucial for us to dispose of them safely and responsibly to protect our environment. For expert guidance on proper disposal and reducing our environmental footprint, reaching out to a specialist in lithium battery recycling and disposal is key.

Battery Terminator

The Battery Terminator is a quick, safe, automatic constant current discharger. The Terminator can drain lithium batteries down to zero volts (or -2 V) to prepare them for safe recycling using a prolonged short-circuit safety method. The unit is temperature controlled and will provide detailed reports for capacity testing.

Terminator front facing with open panels Terminator side view Terminator angled view
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Battery Terminator DIMs: 33.5” x 25.7” x 69.7” Wt.: 440 lbs.
Model Discharge Voltage Discharge Current
93-TERMINATOR-S1000100 1,000 V — -2 V 100 A
93-TERMINATOR-S500100 500 V — -2 V 100 A
93-TERMINATOR-M100015 1,000 V — 0 V 15 A*

Tracking Individual Cell Health

Optimize Battery Performance

The Battery Monitoring System (BMS) serves as a crucial component in optimizing battery performance by meticulously gathering and analyzing data on the health of each individual cell within the battery.


FSIP’s exclusive DisChargePlus is designed to measure the remaining capacity for 36 or 48 volt lead-acid or lithium-ion battery sets. The discharge rate, time, and shut-off voltage are programmable. This discharger does not require AC power and can be used in conjunction with the BMS.

BMS report using DisChargePlus DisChargePlus
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Smart Discharger DIMs: 15.5” x 6.24” x 14” Wt.: 16.7 lbs.
Model Output Voltage Load Capacity
94-DCP3648 36–48 V 25 A, 56 A, 75 A