General Repairs Program (GRP)

Electronic Repairs: Point-to-Point Testing & Evaluation

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General Electronics Repair

If you have an electronic unit that needs to be repaired and it is not listed in the Remanufacturing program, FSIP's skilled engineering team will evaluate and quote your repair for a minimal fee. General repairs consist of either replacing or fixing broken components in your electronic part. All restoration requests are subject to a thorough point-to-point evaluation. If a failure is found, our team determines if a repair is possible. You are advised of the findings and provided a quote for this repair. Upon receiving your approval, we begin working on your unit. It will be returned to you with a comprehensive 90-day warranty.

How the General Repairs Program Works

Contact Sales to Qualify Your Part

Qualify Your Part

Can you find you part number when seaching our site? Then check out our Reman page. Otherwise you can contact Sales Support via chat, call 800-333-1194 or email to qualify whether your part can be remanufactured or processed through our General Repair program.

Print and Complete GRP Form

Print & Complete GRP Form

If you part can not be found when searching our site, please complete and print out a copy of the General Repair Form to be included with your item for repair.

  • Fill in your contact information
  • Review & select evaluation period
  • Select shipping method
  • Provide vehicle and/or equipment information
  • Include any additional parts documentation i.e., wiring diagrams or service manuals
  • Include failure information
  • Include a copy of your GRP form with shipment
Package and Ship to FSIP

Package & Ship

Package your part and ship to:

Flight Systems Industrial Products
1015 Harrisburg Pike
Carlisle, PA 17013
Attn: General Repair Program

! REMEMBER ! Include your General Repair Form & any part documentation with your shipment.

GRP Evaluation
and Timing

Evaluation typically takes 7-10 business days. However, if you’re in a rush, we offer expedited service which guarantees your part evaluation will be completed in 3-business days and the general repairs (if applicable) within 3-4 additional business days (provided no components must be ordered to perform the repair).

FSIP’s General Repair Program (GRP) supports products which are not currently covered by our Remanufacturing Program. For a quick overview of Remanufacturing as compared to General Repair click here.

GRP evaluation typically takes 5-7 days