Remanufactured Navitas Vehicle system Controllers


Navitas Vehicle Systems (NVS), a leading manufacturer of electric AC and DC motor controllers for battery and hybrid powered vehicles and Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP), a leader in electric vehicle control system remanufacturing services formed an aftermarket service alliance in 2012. FSIP was named the certified Navitas Vehicle Systems (NVS) electric vehicle control remanufacturer. 

FSIP remanufactures Navitas Vehicle Systems (NVS) motor controllers that are used in wide variety of industrial and commercial electric vehicles (EVs), including forklift trucks and pallet jacks, aerial platforms (scissors and booms), airport ground support equipment (GSE), golf cars, scooters, bikes, sweeper-scrubbers, personal and burden carriers, and other special-purpose industrial EVs. Remanufactured Navitas Vehicle Systems (NVS) products may include traction controls, steer controls, pump controls and ProBit handsets. All FSIP remanufactured products receive the most current revision/specification upgrades and are load tested to maximum voltage and current ratings to ensure safe and efficient operation.

FSIP also stocks Navitas AC/AC, DC/AC and DC/DC golf cart conversion kits.  See them here.

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