On-Site Demos

Experience the efficiencies, cost savings, and the value the Xtender can bring to your business firsthand.

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Extend Battery Life

The adage, seeing is believing, holds true with the Xtender. FSIP wants you to experience the efficiencies, cost savings, and the value the Xtender can bring to your business firsthand. On-site demonstrations are available and come complete with free training. Training may be provided on-site or via web conference. The comprehensive training takes ~3–4 hours over 3–4 days: matching the regeneration cycle. FSIP experts will familiarize your staff with advanced battery technologies, battery regeneration process, battery health analysis. The wireless Battery Monitoring System (BMS) and any necessary accessories are also covered by the training at no additional cost. By the trainings end, you will be ready to perform battery regenerations throughout your facility. Your demonstration unit will remain on-site for your use for an additional seven business days. You’ll have ample time to perform multiple restorations on various batteries.

Remember: The Xtender immediately starts paying for itself - prolonging battery life, saving replacement costs, improving inventory management, and maintaining overall uptime. The batteries regenerated throughout the training and the demo period already start to help cover the Xtender’s purchase investment.

Demonstration Forms are model specific. Upon selecting the model below, a Docusign window will open, and you’ll be requested to record your name and email. Please complete all requested fields. Select “Finish” The form will automatically be submitted to Flight Systems Industrial Products. A FSIP representative will contact you within 1–2 business days. You may download or print a copy of the form before leaving the site.

Xtender Rental Options

Not ready to purchase, FSIP offers a rental option. This is a great option if you have a small number of batteries that need to be restored or for customers that may have seasonal restoration needs. Work with a specialist today.

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