GREENX 3-Phase Industrial Battery Charger

The GREENX is a high frequency, fully automatic industrial battery charger for use with either lead-acid or lithium batteries. These units are enclosed in a steel case with rubber feet to stand alone or can be wall-mounted or mounted onto our optional vertical charging stand. These units are durable, dependable power module based to allow charging to continue even if a module stops working, reduces operating costs and increases productivity. These units are easy to service and repair, when necessary, with little to no downtime.

Reduce operating costs, eliminate downtime, and increase productivity.

• Three phase
• 24–96 volts
• 480 VAC
• High-frequency switching technology
• High energy efficiency rating of greater than 90%
• Charge cycles begin as low as 2 volts
• Soft start charging cycle
• Fast/opportunity charge capable
• Suitable for flooded, AGM, gel traction, or lithium batteries
• 7-preloaded charging curves (specialized charging curves available)
• Standard CC/CV/Stop profile (CAN Bus option for lithium batteries) • Multivoltage/multicurrent configurable via front panel display or USB A/B port with PC/HF view software
• Includes 8-foot AC cable/10-foot DC cable
• UL, cUL, and CEC certified
• Remanufacturable
• Optional add-ons:
     • Integrated Data Logger with real-time clock (RTC)
     • Battery identifier (BID)

GREENX Spec Sheet

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