GREEN6 3-Phase Industrial Battery Charger

The GREEN6 is a high frequency, fully automatic industrial battery charger for use with either lead-acid or lithium batteries. These units are enclosed in a steel case with rubber feet to stand alone or can be wall-mounted or mounted onto our optional vertical charging stand. These units are durable, dependable power module based to allow charging to continue even if a module stops working, reduces operating costs and increases productivity. These units are easy to service and repair, when necessary, with little to no downtime.

• Three phase
• 24–96 volts
• 220 VAC or 480 VAC
• High-frequency switching technology
• High energy efficiency rating of greater than 90%
• Charge cycles begin as low as 2 volts
• Soft start charging cycle
• Fast/opportunity charge capable
• Suitable for flooded, AGM, gel traction, or lithium batteries
• 7-preloaded charging curves (specialized charging curves available)
• Standard CC/CV/Stop profile (CAN Bus option for lithium batteries) • Multivoltage/multicurrent configurable via front panel display or USB A/B port with PC/HF view software
• Includes 8-foot AC cable/10-foot DC cable
• UL, cUL, and CEC certified
• Remanufacturable
• Optional add-ons:
     • Integrated Data Logger with real-time clock (RTC)
     • Battery identifier (BID)

GREEN6 Spec Sheet

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