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"We absolutely love doing business with FSIP! They always go above and beyond. The staff is super nice and super helpful!" 

- Jason Mooers, Tri State Golf Carts, Inc.


"One year now since FSIP rebuilt Curtis 1221C for my EV and still doing fine. When I sent it in, I was sure it would be deemed unrepairable. Some MOSFETs had exploded, blowing off the side of the case, others melted at the base, some traces had obviously disintegrated. But no, it came back repaired right on schedule. As you know, they don't make these things anymore. You can't get them anywhere. So, thanks, FSIP." 

- Larry Povirk


"Wanted to thank you for the professional service. Controller was rebuilt and returned quickly and it functions perfectly. Glad you included the notice about the faulty wiring connection on the E-Z-GO workcarts. When I split the wiring harness, the red wires at the connection fell apart. Without the paperwork I'd still be looking for problem. Cart fixed, thanks again!

- Troy Campbell, Altamonte Springs, FL


"FSIP and their highly trained support team were able to remanufacture a control module for my golf cart. I simply called for service and was guided from start to finish by a knowledgeable and friendly customer care representative. Along with my service order, I was informed of the ChargePlus golf cart charger which was just what I needed to properly charge and maintain the batteries in my golf carts with different voltages. I am completely satisfied with the service and product purchase and recommend others to contact FSIP for the services and products that they offer.

- Paul Gugino, Webster, NY


"I have been in the Forklift business for over 20 years and have always dealt with FSIP on controllers and cards, and never had a problem with any of their products. Everything I have sent to them or got from them has been top notch. The customer service is and always have been a pleasure to deal with always answered your question in a timely manner. As long as I’m in the forklift business I will always use FSIP and recommend them to all my friends in the business."

- Robert Hamm, Alliance Material Handling


"I want to thank you for helping us out with this situation. I have said this before, and since I am a strong believer in good customer service, I think you are just about the best company I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Your company should be proud of their exceptional service & the people that provide it.

- Nancy, Riekes Equipment


"My experience with Flight Systems over the last three or four months has been nothing shy of awesome. When you call, someone, always nice and courteous answers the phone. If you have a question, they have the answer. Not once, have I called or emailed and not had my call or email returned in a reasonable amount of time. If they do not have it, they can get it, or rebuild your core. I would recommend FSIP to anyone that is looking to buy chargers or motor controllers for any application!"

- Jimmy Mayton, Plaza Golf Carts


"Fantastic company to work with especially the ladies I deal with, customer service is second to none. Well done! Keep up the good work."

- Kirsty Barker, Parmley Graham LTD


"I would like to extend my thanks to you and the entire FSIP team. We have dealt with a lot of other controller repair companies to try and save a dollar and after ten years of trying to find a better deal, we (Ozark Golf Cars) have made an executive decision to use FSIP exclusively for all controller and charger needs. A couple of reasons for our decision are: 1. We know that the technical support team at FSIP will spend as much time as needed to help diagnose/fix problems. 2. We know if we ever have an issue with a product that is still under warranty, we will have no problems getting taken care of. 3. We had been discouraged from doing business in the past with FSIP simply due to being 4 days by UPS ground. As soon as I said something Matt was able to get us 2 day with fed ex, which really make a a difference in our busiest times! 4. No matter what electrical operated machine we find ourselves working on, FSIP's knowledgeable staff will always be able to assist. Many smaller companies have trouble with even our standard golf car applications. 5. More than anything we know when we send something to FSIP it will be right when we get it back and there is no question about it! Thanks again to Matt Potter and the entire FSIP team!"

- Spencer, Ozark Golf Cars


"We have worked with Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) for many years now and are delighted with the work they’ve carried out on our behalf. Our company, Bylong Industries, is the Australian agent for Curtis Instruments so it’s fantastic to have FSIP able to test and repair our customer’s motor controllers and programmers. All of the repairs/remanufacturing need to be done to the highest standard, not only does FSIP provide work of the best quality, they also provide a limited warranty for the extremely rare case when something might go wrong. We’re also lucky that despite being based in Australia, they are very efficient when it comes to arranging shipping back to us in a timely manner. I would highly recommend working with them."

- Cara Harding-Martin, Bylong Industries PTY LTD


"Flight Systems Industrial Products has always been accommodating when it comes to handling our rush orders. The customer service team works very well with the repair department in going that extra mile in getting the job done."

- Mark, CMB Industrial Equipment


"FSIP is an honest and reliable company with great customer service and communication on all my electronic needs. Always a simple process yielding great results.

- Cody Sarmiento, Shoppa’s Material Handling


"You guys have been a rare find in personal customer service."

- Alan Lambeth, NMSU


"GREAT company with GREAT products...FSIP simply the BEST."

- Robby Steen, Owner at Plum Quick Motors


"The information and recommendations that I receive from the FSIP staff is consistently accurate and honest. I would have to say that FSIP has always met my expectations."

- Lance Lux, Advantage Golf Cars


"I'm completely satisfied, always helpful and friendly service.

- Bill Brooks, Golfworld Unlimited, Inc.


"Our initial transactions with FSIP have gone just as advertised. We were especially pleased that 2 of our controllers retained the high speed codes after you rebuilt them."

- Ron Freeman, AZ Carts by Design


“Shout out to @FSIPcontrols The best place to send your controllers off and have them rebuilt. I get awesome customer service from them."

- Justin Grant, Parts Specialist / Service Writer, The Lilly Company


"I appreciate your help and prompt follow-up, we’ll do more business this year."

- Peter, Peak Sales


"Your service is with out a doubt great! Any problem I have had has always been taken care of. I wish more companies were like FSIP!"

- Chris Furchert, Owner of Island Cart & Turf Maintenance


"This is why we use FSIP, service & quality are the best."

- Nick Marino, Parts Manager at Prolift of NJ


"Great customer service and timely returns on repairs."

- Jeff Fischer, CEO of Cart Masterson LLC


"Your customer service associates are all top-notch - knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and friendly."

- Rusty Garside, Parts Manager at Fairway Golf Carts


"When I call FSIP I know that I will get a quality product for cheaper than anywhere else."

- Kirby Kerkstra, Parts Manager at Morrison Industrial Equipment


“Everything was great. The turnaround time was well within reason and the pricing was good. I have been dealing with FSIP for a good number of years.”

- James Brown, Owner of Boogie Brothers


“You have historically been a very dependable, consistent vendor. You know your product and live up to your time commitments.”

- Tim Howe, Parts Manager, The Lilly Company


"I am pleased with the service I have received from your company. The speed with which our transaction was completed was excellent and unheard of in this day and age."

- Butch Decicio at BND's Service


"I had a very good experience with FSIP. Out of all the people that I called on this machine (and believe me it was a lot) Brian at FSIP was the only one that was able to help me. He was able to give me good advice on the phone and then he was able to get my product fixed and back to me, and the machine works fine. Thank you and your company and especially Brian."

- Steve Short, Service Manager at RDO Equipment Co.


“You provide very professional and awesome service.”

- Jeff Bowers, Gatormoto Utility Vehicles


"FSIP's service is great!"

- Steven Stedman, Parts Manager, Johnson Lift


"FSIP does a great job overall… customer service and products are very good. Quotes are given promptly and products arrive on time."

- Bubba in Parts Department, Black Equipment 


"Customer service is courteous and friendly and delivers what is promised. Good prices."

- Mark in parts Department and Parts Manager Henry, Barloworld


"Your service really impressed me!"

- Melvin, Midwest Golf Cars


"I have always been pleased with FSIP and their great customer service."

- Benjamin Tanner, Tanner Handling Service



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