Battery Regenerator

The all-in-one, fully automated machine for safely discharging, desulfating, and restoring lead-acid (flooded, AGM, or gel traction) batteries' lost capacity. It's a charger and discharger that works even when you're not, shortening the restoration process by days. The built-in Integrated Monitor battery diagnostic software provides even greater insights when paired with our Battery Monitoring System (BMS), individual battery or cell health is wirelessly recorded. Copies of the report may be printed as a PDF, Word, or Excel document.

Xtender (battery regenerator) unit

4-Steps & 6-Stages to

Extended Battery Life

The battery rejuvenation process consists of 4-steps: test, analyze, desulfate, & restore. Dependent upon the battery’s mechanical state, the battery can get back to 80 - 90 - 100% productivity level. Healthy battery life can be extended for up to 5-years reducing new battery purchase requirements and improving ROI.

“The amount of money that I saved by regenerating batteries that were marked for the scrap pile paid for the Xtender in less than three months. My customers appreciate the capacity reports detailing the battery health down to the individual cell. I have yet to see any other machine on the market that can replicate the Xtender's capabilities and automation.”
Taylor's Forklift

Battery Sulfation

Sulfation is the accumulation of hard lead sulfate crystals on the surface and pores of a batteries’ lead plates. It is the most common cause of early failure in lead-acid batteries, decreasing capacity and efficiency. Lead-acid batteries lose their ability to charge fully, require more frequent charging, and experience shorter run times, raising equipment and labor costs. As sulfation increases within the battery, so to does your need to replace it. There is an alternative solution.


“This battery desulfater from Flight Systems Industrial Products is working night and day saving our customers and us thousands of dollars on batteries. Finally, something to restore batteries that actually works.”
Bill, Beaver Creek Golf Carts


Battery Regeneration Process

The Xtender is an all-in-one load bank, desulfator, and charger. It works with all lead-acid battery types (VLA (flooded), VRLA (vented), AGM, and GEL). The automatic regeneration process consists of 6 phases.

Phase 1: First controlled discharge
Phase 2: Bulk & absorption charge
Phase 3: Cycle mode
Phase 4: Equalization charge
Phase 5: Second controlled discharge
Phase 6: Bulk & absorption charge

Test your industrial battery Analyze your industrial battery Desulfate your industrial battery Regenerate your industrial battery

Shark Pulse Technology

A patented high frequency shark pulse technology is applied, negative during discharge and positive during charging. The pulse in combination with a controlled discharge and recharge cycle effectively breaks down the damaging hard sulfate crystals and rejuvenates the battery.

Regenerated batteries require less frequent charging, experience improved run times, and improve equipment usage while reducing labor costs. Batteries may experience up to 50% longer functional life spans.

Xtender (battery regenerator) unit

Integrated Monitor

Diagnostic Software

The proof is in the report. Diagnostic software is included with every unit. Detailed battery regeneration reports explicitly show improved battery performance. Progress may be monitored remotely via Bluetooth.

Easily detect which cell is no longer maintaining its charge, needs to be replaced, or regenerated with the addition of a Battery Monitoring System (BMS). The BMS delivers individual cell voltage readings during complete discharge for up to 100 cells simultaneously via wireless receiver. Sensors are available in 2 V, 6 V, and 8–12 V.

If you need a little extra assistance? FSIP is here to help. We offer a free analytical report evaluation. Upload a copy of your Diagnostic Report here.

“The Battery Monitoring System is my favorite. I love being able to monitor each battery. We have been having a lot of success with the regenerations and the machine is always running”
Matt, Gritten Turf Company

3 Machines-In-One
3 Models Available

Xtender Battery Regenerators are a load bank, desulfator, and charger to maintain a variety of lead-acid batteries, from golf cars and pallet jacks to high-volume industrial lift trucks and telecommunication systems. All Xtender units may be partnered with our Battery Monitoring System and Smart Discharger or used independently.

Xtender (battery regenerator) unit

Xtender M1001

Analyze, desulfate, restore and maintain batteries commonly used in golf cars, sweeper-scrubbers, walkies, mobility scooters, aerial lifts, and more. Learn More ❯

Download Spec Sheet
Model Input Voltage Max Input Current DC Output Voltage DC Output Current Max Amp Hour Rating Dim. Wt. Cert.
Xtender M1001 208–240 V, Single-Phase 35 A 1.2 V–100 V 0–30 A 300 Ah 24" x 16" x 52.5" 273 lbs. MET

Xtender M1007

Analyze, desulfate, restore and maintain industrial batteries which are commonly used in pallet jacks, scissor lifts, sweeper-scrubbers, forklifts, and more. Learn More ❯

Download Spec Sheet
Model Input Voltage Max Input Current DC Output Voltage DC Output Current Max Amp Hour Rating Dim. Wt. Cert.
Xtender M1007 208-240 V, Three-Phase 75 A 1.2 V–125 V 0–100 A 1,000 Ah 24" x 20" x 52.5" 554 lbs. MET
Xtender M1007-480 480 V, Three-Phase 40 A 1.2 V–125 V 0–100 A 1,000 Ah 24" x 20" x 52.5" 554 lbs. MET

Increase Your Revenue + Time Saving + Money Savings =
Xtender Battery Regenerator

The Xtender Battery Regenerator provides new possibilities for your business.

Revenue Generator

  • Expand service offerings
    • Battery Restoration
    • Annual battery maintenance programs
  • Increased margins vs. selling replacement battery
  • Broader customer assortment, cost efficient solutions

Save Time

  • Fully automatic; remote monitoring
  • One machine does it all; No switching equipment
  • Requires less attention
  • Works even when you're not

Save Money

  • Extend the lifespan for your current fleet
  • Minimize the number of new in-stock batteries

Want to Experience the Benefits Firsthand?

FSIP offers live demonstrations at your facility with complementary training (on-site or web conference). Training takes ~3-4 hours over 3–4 days. We'll walk your team step by step through battery regeneration including unit operation, programming, reporting, wireless Battery Monitoring System (BMS) operation, and accessory usage. At the end of the training, you will be ready to perform additional battery regenerations on various batteries throughout your facility. Your demonstration unit will remain on-site for your use for seven business days.

The Xtender starts paying for itself with its first use - prolonging battery life, saving replacement battery costs, improving inventory management, and maintaining overall uptime.

Want more information first, contact an Xtender Expert here.