Core Purchasing Program

Cash for Cores: How Much Money is Sitting in Your Shop?

Follow These Simple Steps to Receive Your Core Quote

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Do you have a controller, charger, joystick, or another type of electronic vehicle core you would like to sell? FSIP is interested in purchasing your rebuildable cores.

Step 1.
Complete Core Purchasing Sheet

  • Fill in your contact information
  • List your cores (use the part number, not the serial number) and available quantities
  • Submit form

A FSIP representative will respond to your request within 2 business days. They will provide you with:

  1. Core purchase quote
  2. RMA (Return Material Authorization) Form to include with your core return

Helpful Hints for a Quick Quote:

  1. Use the Core Purchase Sheet. It keeps your quote organized which improves your quote turnaround time.
  2. Use the industry part number on your Core Purchase Sheet. If you are unsure of the part number, please provide as much information from the product as possible.
  3. A shipping credit may be given for high demand cores.

Step 2.
Return Your Cores

Follow the steps below to help ensure your cores arrive safely and securely.

Prevent Core Damage

  1. Use a box strong enough to support the content's weight.
  2. Wrap and secure cores to protect items from shipping damage.
  3. Situate heaviest items at the bottom of the box.
  4. Include your RMA paperwork provided by FSIP.
  5. Securely seal the package.

Label & Ship your Cores

  1. Create, print & apply shipping label.
  2. Drop boxes at local shipping location. Ship to:
    Flight Systems Industrial Products
    1015 Harrisburg Pike
    Carlisle, PA 17013
    Attn: Core Purchase Program


Step 3.
Receive your payment/credit

FSIP can credit your account to be applied to an existing or future order. You can also request FSIP to mail a check for the cores purchased.

For additional information or question, contact FSIP's Core Purchasing Team by emailing or call 800-333-1194.

Click here to fill out your Core Sheet now!

Dig Deeper into Core Purchasing

To gain more insight about the Core Purchasing Program and frequently asked questions, click here.

For additional information or questions, contact FSIP's Core Purchasing Team by emailing or call 800-333-1194.


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