Battery Maintenance & Reconditioning

Maintain, monitor, and regenerate your batteries for consistent, reliable performance and long service life.

Industrial Battery Chargers


The Right Charger for the Right Battery

Selecting the right battery charger is dependent upon multiple factors like power source, battery size, style & chemistry, and usage.

Browse an extensive battery charger line-up for both lead-acid or lithium.

Battery Regeneration, Reconditioning, and Desulfating. Xtender


Desulfate, Restore and Maintain

Are you experiencing shorter battery run times? Are you replacing batteries more frequently than expected?

Battery Regeneration is a multi-phase process giving your battery extended life and improved power.

Battery Discharger

Load Banks
& Dischargers

For Load Testing Batteries

Battery health is measured in total discharge time, obtained by discharging a fully charged battery.

Determine battery health by providing minimum voltage, actual voltage, and cycle time information.

Battery Discharger

& Watering

Maintain Your Battery’s Health

Watering is essential to your battery’s longevity. It maintains the electrolyte balance, keeping your battery safe for use and in good condition.

Pair systems together for quick and effective battery watering.

Battery and Equipment Cleaner


Optimize Your Battery’s Health

Clean batteries and equipment are an important part to your battery maintenance program.

Battery cleaner will neutralize sulfuric adic deposits, while dry-steam will sanitizes a variety of industrial applications.

Thermal Imaging Clamp Meters

Thermal Imaging
Clamp Meters

Monitor Your Battery

Verify current and voltage being received or outputted by your battery during the charging or discharging process.

Combine thermal imaging with electrical measurement into powerful inspection and diagnostic tools.