Xtender M1001
Battery Regenerator

(Single-Phase, 208–240 V)
An all-in-one discharging, desulfating and recharging unit for lead-acid batteries. The Xtender breaks down lead sulfate crystals using a high frequency patented Shark Pulse technology to restore lost battery capacity. Its fully automatic with either touchscreen or remote programming. The Xtender works unattended with no equipment transfers mid-process and has remote monitoring for anytime status updates.

Xtender M1001 Battery Regenerator unit

M1001 Features & Benefits

The Xtender M1001 is perfect for golf cars, sweeper-scrubbers, walkies,
mobility scooters, aerial lifts, and more. See what our customers are saying!


  • All-in-one automatic charger/cycler/discharger
  • For flooded lead-acid, AGM & gel traction batteries
  • Restorations from 2–72 V charge
  • Individual battery analysis
  • Remote control & monitor system
  • Patented restorative Shark Pulse technology
  • Customizable detailed battery capacity reports
  • Customizable cycles
  • Touchscreen programming


  • Increase battery lifespan/run-time
  • Minimize battery replacement costs
  • Detailed reports to verify battery capacity gains
  • No acid adjustment required
  • Easy to use and operate

Xtender may be purchased individually or as a custom package. It may be partnered with the Battery Monitoring System (BMS) or the Smart Discharger or both.
Rental and financing options available.