Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the complete restoration cycle take?

A full restoration cycle consisting of two complete discharge and restoration cycles will take approximately 35–45 hours depending on initial battery condition. Annual preventive maintenance cycles to maintain peak performance only take 12–13 hours.


What types of batteries can the Xtender restore?

The Xtender Battery Regenerator can restore all sizes of lead acid batteries including flooded, sealed (gel) and valve regulated types.


Can I restore multiple golf cars at once?

The Xtender M1001 Battery Regenerator is appropriately sized for golf cars, and can regenerate any golf car with batteries sized up to 72 V 300 Ah. It is not recommended to regenerate more than one car at a time, as doing so eliminates the capability to determine the capacity of either individual pack.


Can the Xtender Battery Regenerator be used for manual charging and discharging?

Yes, the charge/discharge algorithm is fully customizable in order to perform manual charging/discharging.


What is the typical revenue that can be generated performing battery restoration services to end users?

For performing a full battery restoration, it is typical to charge between 25–30% of the battery pack's retail value.


Do I have to remove all of the batteries from the golf car before I can start the process?

When restoring golf car batteries, removing them from the car is unnecessary. You are able to park your car directly next to the Xtender to begin the restoration. 


How is a bad battery and/or battery cell identified?

The Xtender automatically provides a detailed capacity report for the battery pack after every restoration cycle. FSIP offers a Battery Monitoring System (BMS) that provides accurate data collection on the health of battery cells or individual batteries within the pack.


Does the Xtender come with a warranty?

FSIP offers a 1 year warranty on all Xtender Battery Regenerator machines, Battery Monitoring Systems and the Smart Discharger with confidence.


What is the expected battery life after it has been restored by the Xtender?

After full restoration, the Xtender can increase a golf car battery's life by 1–2 years, and a forklift battery's life by 2–5 years depending on proper usage and maintenance. 


Is the Xtender similar to a load bank and a charger combined?

The Xtender is a combination of multiple machines for discharging, desulfating, and recharging batteries.


How is the Xtender different from current methods of restoring batteries?

The Xtender employs a high frequency pulse simultaneously with sequential discharge and restoration charge that softens and dissolves extremely hardened sulfate crystals.


How many times can a battery be regenerated in its life?

Batteries are able to be regenerated as often as needed.


What are the power requirements for the Xtender?

The power requirements for the M1001 appropriately sized for batteries less than 300 Ah typically used on golf cars, sweeper-scrubbers, walkies and aerial lifts is single phase 220 VAC. The power requirement for the M1007 for larger industrial equipment such as forklifts is three phase 220 VAC or 480 VAC.