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Repair Tech Service School: Helping Technicians Understand Basic Electronics

Safely maintain, troubleshoot, & repair electrical equipment

Enhance your Foundational Skills

Everyday technicians are responsible for troubleshooting and repairing a multitude of vehicle components and systems. This task can turn into a parts swapping nightmare without proper training.

Service School For Repair Technicians
Sessions to be Announced

Students receive firsthand knowledge about electric vehicle system operations, everyday in-field problems, troubleshooting skills, and electric vehicle control set-up. These sessions are designed to provide basic electronics understanding and root cause analysis.

  • All training materials
  • Completion Certificate
  • Special discounts
  • FSIP Remanufacturing facility tour
  • Lunch and refreshments

Our Curriculum Includes:

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Control Circuitry
  3. Reading Vehicle Schematics
  4. SCR/Series Wound Motor Systems
  5. Sepex Motor Systems
  6. AC Motor Systems
  7. Electronics Safety Training
  8. Advanced Troubleshooting
  9. Hands-On Troubleshooting

For more information about Service School for Repair Technicians, call 800-333-1194 or email

FSIP Hands-On Troubleshooting